Creating a network of Bosnians in America to help one another

Case Study


STLBAC is a non-profit organization striving to create a professional network for Bosnians in America where they can rely on one another for professional, academic, and mentorship resources. Their goal is to expand throughout the entire United States and make it possible for one another to grow in their respected fields. 

What We Did

We here at ThreeDark went through all the steps to make STLBAC’s vision come to reality. Through extensive research and user research, we constructed a website after the completion of a wireframe and mockup.

We created the website as a place to explain what STLBAC is and for people to view all available mentors and be able to reach out to them with questions to advance in their respective fields.

As this client did not have a logo, we created one for them. The logo represents a group of people leaning on one another, which represents STLBACs identity.

Market Research

Design Strategy

Color Psychology/Theory



Website Build Out

Logo Creation

“Working with Daniel and ThreeDark on the design of our website was nothing short of wonderful. He was extremely professional, organized, listened to us, and spent months perfecting our non-profit organization website. Thank you Daniel!”

Amina S., President


Our Process

From start to end we went through all stages and steps to provide a website that our client would be proud of. From the process of a wireframe, mockup, logo, and then the website build out. 

STLBAC wireframe pages
STLBAC Mockup pages
STLBAC website pages



Our thinking was to use colors that are used in academic and professional settings. In doing so, we decided to use white as the main background color and a light blue for primary accents and CTAs while having a dark blue to be the secondary accent color.


Vivid Sky Blue

Polynesian Blue