Pharmacist Probiotics

Pharmaceutical affiliate marketing for the masses

Case Study


Pharmacist Probiotics is a business focusing on providing affiliate marketing on its website to provide insight and recommendations on current medications that are healthy and will help with health issues. The website owner is a pharmacist with 10+ years in the field. 

By providing the necessary information on the website they are hoping to provide influential help and information to those who are in need of recommendations for their medication.

What We Did

We here at ThreeDark started the process of this website, holding extensive meetings to further understand Pharmacist Probiotics’ goals and future vision for what they were trying to accomplish. By holding an initial strategy meeting, we went through the process of identifying what needs to be explained, learned, researched, and critiqued.

From the initial meetings, we moved to market research and color psychology. From this, we moved on to a wireframe design and multiple alterations to perfect the design process. Upon the completion of the wireframe came the mockup, in which we were able to present to the client a further outlook of the potential of the website, including the style of graphics and color theory that we decided to incorporate.

Market Research

Design Strategy

Color Psychology/Theory



Mood Board

Logo Creation

“ThreeDark did an excellent job building the website and portraying the vision I had. We discussed SEO extensively and they provided the best service and work for what I needed”

Healy J, Owner


Our Process

From start to end, we take a very extensive approach when building out our projects. We always initiate a discovery call to further understand our client and their business. The first step we take is creating the wireframe that fits with the brand and provides the highest chance of conversion and an explanation of what Pharmacist Probiotics is. Secondly, we created a mockup inserting the chosen colors and fonts as well as images.

While creating the logo for this specific project, we went through the color ideology and how the client wanted to portray themselves in a modern and minimalistic aspect.



pharmacist probiotics logo




Our thinking with the color ideology for Pharmacist Probiotics was to use Green and orange. We decided on green to be chosen to give the health and positive health impact while orange was chosen for its statistics of innovation and medicine. 


Fern Green




As this client wanted a very modern and simple typography, we decided to choose the typography of Lack and Work Sans. We placed Lack as the heading font and Work Sans as the paragraph font as both are very modern and clean fonts that can be easily read and understood by all readers.