LOVB Volleyball Templates

Providing new modern volleyball club website templates

Case Study


LOVB requested that we create 4 different templates to be used throughout their volleyball clubs. LOVB is the main organization for various volleyball clubs around the United States. While also in charge of clubs, LOVB provides resources and scholarships to assist athletes early in their careers to progress in volleyball and receive the coaching and funding they need to excel even further.

What We Did

We began the process with an extensive sit-down discussion to learn more about LOVB and what they were requiring for each template. From there, they provided us a color scheme for each project, and we started our market research and design strategy to get a grasp on the type of website that they needed for their clubs.

Market Research

Design Strategy



Website Build Out

“ThreeDark did a wonderful job, the templates were exactly what we needed and we love them!”

Molly C., Club Operations


Our Process

As this was a lengthy design project from start to end we spent lots of time researching competitors and design strategies that will accommodate any volleyball club that chooses to use the templates. From there we moved to a wireframe for each template and provided the necessary design for LOVB to get a look and feel of the final design. 

Once the wireframe was approved we moved onto the mockup to provide a look of the colors with images and color added in. Afterwards came the website build where we created each 1 of the 4 templates and presented it to LOVB.


lovb templates mockup overview