LOVB Foundation

The main website for the LOVB Foundation overseeing volleyball clubs

Case Study


LOVB is a foundation built for volleyball clubs. From helping athletes at early ages to excel in top clubs by providing scholarship opportunities and more. LOVB has impacted over 34 teams with their contributions.

current players in LOVB Clubs

given in financial aid for the 22-23 volleyball season

individual recipients across all LOVB clubs

in our past and present family of players

total clubs impacted

spent on foundation staffing

What We Did

LOVB already has staff who takes care of brand identity and mockups for any designs and online purposes. They provided us with the mockup asking us to build out a website for them. In doing so we were able to create the website to match with their mockup and their brand.

Website Build

Website Development

“ThreeDark is beyond amazing and helpful; they are our go-to for any website builds and or updates. We will be using them for years to come!”

Molly C., Club Operations


Our Process

Our process was that once we received the mockup we began a strategy planning of how to create the elements and match the website exactly with the mockup. Once complete we moved over to WordPress to start the building and development process.

lovb foundation website pages