Husic Wedding

A new kind of a wedding RSVP website

Case Study


Husic Wedding was a wedding that occurred that needed a way to have guests RSVP efficiently and easily. After some thinking and strategy planning, we created a website where it was possible to RSVP online and have the bride and groom receive the notification right away.

What We Did

We created a website and chose the various fonts and colors to be used to create this website. Allowing the ability for all wedding guests to access the site on provide information for their RSVP of who will be attending, how many attendees, children, and adults. From here the bride and groom would receive instant notifications on the RSVP form to be able to stay organized and have their wedding go without any hassle in their prior planning.

Design Strategy

Color Psychology/Theory



Graphic Design

Website Build Out

“ThreeDark is very professional, prompt, and very easy to work with. They are great communicators and keep everything so organized and professional. I recommend them to anyone who is looking for a website design because they are just the best! I give them a high rating of 100/10 for being such a good business that cared and took the time!”

Erna H., Bride


Our Process

Our process was to begin with a sit-down meeting to get an understanding of both the bride and groom and their identities. By receiving this information and learning their vision for their wedding, we were able to create a site that would be aligned with the same feel and look of their wedding. 

From here, we would strategize the best possible course of action for attendees to RSVP with the needed information that would be quick and easy and no hassle at all. 

husic wedding page covers home and rsvp page



As we were staying aligned with the wedding colors and look we decided to go with a white and light grey color to keep it modern and classy.





To keep the modern and classy look, we used the fonts Lato for headings and Open Sans for paragraph text.