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Case Study


BRTapps is the child website of BRTprojects, a department located at University of Oregon. BRTprojects is comprised of a small group of researchers conducting research and development in student learning and academic assessment.

BRTprojects provides three pieces of software intended to aid students and teachers in their daily academic lives, by providing a basis for learning and aiding students to further their progress in academics. These three software aid students and teachers by assisting with progress monitoring, benchmark assessments, student statistics, and more.

BRTprojects needed a modern website design that could promote and encompass all three software to promote their appeal to teachers by describing the function of each and their intended use. By viewing their new website, BRTapps teachers would be able to learn more about the three software (easyCBM, CBMskills, WriteRightNow) prior to moving to the signup phase of the software’s initial websites.

With the new website, BRTprojects will be able to properly promote their projects and further increase sales of their software to the intended teachers and school districts.

What We Did

We here at ThreeDark started the process of this website, holding extensive meetings to further understand BRTprojects goals and future vision for what they were trying to accomplish. By holding an initial strategy meeting, we went through the process of identifying what needs to be explained, learned, researched, and critiqued.

From the initial meetings, we moved to market research and color psychology. From this, we moved on to a wireframe design and multiple alterations to perfect the design process. Upon the completion of the wireframe came the mood board and the mockup, in which we were able to present to the client a further outlook of the potential of the website, including the style of graphics and color theory that we decided to incorporate.

Market Research

Design Strategy

Color Psychology/Theory



Mood Board

Website Build Out

Logo Creation

“The work/outcomes from Daniel and his company is exactly what we had contracted to do. His command of web site design is sharp and he is very proficient in every aspect: Navigation, wording, images, color schemes, and overall appeal. Daniel is easy to work with, listens well, and responds with follow through. He is committed to ensuring a product that the customers want/seek. We are very pleased with his work and expect our site to be successful as we launch/market our software.”

Dr. Gerald Tindal, BRT Director


Our Process

From start to end, we take a very extensive approach when building out our projects. We always initiate a discovery call to further understand our client and their business. The first step we take is creating the wireframe that fits with the brand and provides the highest chance of conversion and an explanation of what BRTapps provides. Secondly, we created a mockup inserting the chosen colors and fonts as well as images. 

While creating the logo for this specific project, we went through their offered software extensively to further understand what they provide and how their image is depicted. From there, we moved on to color theory to get the best outcome of colors that work well with their target audience of students, teachers, and districts by creating a final logo that encases the colors used through all three software as well as focusing on the colors of blue and purple for the website.




BRTapps logo variations
BRTapps logo variations
BRTapps logo variations
BRTapps logo variations



Our thinking was that the best colors can be associated with education and the learning environment. Through extensive research and trial and error, we came up with the idea to use the three colors below. Steel Pink is closer to a shade of purple which represents wisdom in education. While also being close and comparative tot he colors used in Brtapps work. It can be used to represent the entirety of the organization, which was used as the main secondary color to be used for a call to action and any element that required the most attention.

White was used as the main color of the website background to give it a clean and sharp modern look. Lastly, Alice Blue was used as the tertiary color to be used in portions of the background or behind any element to provide depth. This shade of blue was chosen because it represents trust and loyalty, promotes memory, and enhances creativity. Which also goes in tandem BRTapps services and vision.


Steel Pink

Alice Blue



As BRTapps wanted a clean, simple modern website, we decided to choose the typography of Manrope and Open Sans. We placed Manrope as the heading font and Open Sans as the paragraph font as both are very modern and clean font that can be easily read and understood by all readers.