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Waterfall Glen Soap Company

Organic vegan soap made with the finest ingrediants

Case Study


Waterfall Glen Soap Company is a business whose mission is to provide the best handmade soaps with the finest ingredients. All are made organically and in-house; sold all over the United States. Waterfall needed a website redesign from their previous website. They needed a website that was more accessible and user-friendly.

What We Did

We here at ThreeDark started the process of this website, holding extensive meetings to further understand Waterfall Glen Soaps’ business goals and vision. We went through their brand identity and researched competitors and their markets to provide the best solutions. 

From the initial meetings, we moved to market research and color psychology. From this, we moved on to a wireframe design and multiple alterations to perfect the design process. Upon the completion of the wireframe came the mood board and the mockup, in which we were able to present to the client a further outlook of the potential of the website, including the style of graphics and color theory that we decided to incorporate.

Market Research

Design Strategy

Color Psychology/Theory



Website Build Out



increase in user traffic 


monthly increase in sales

increase in SEO authority score in 3 months

“If you want precision attention to your new website and quality workmanship wrapped up in a personable, friendly, and extremely attentive web designer, then ThreeDark is the perfect fit. They are extreme in their need to create and maintain ‘the finest, heads above the competition’ website.”

Douglas C., CEO


Our Process

We started our process with Waterfall by having initial meetings to discuss the client’s goals and business. We moved to research and competitor analysis to further understand the resources and affect the website requires. 

Once complete we moved to create a wireframe, mockup, and then the final website build-out while integrating an e-commerce portal to provide a modern and clean checkout process.

waterfall glen soap company website page overview
Three images of Waterfall Glen Soap Company on a laptop, tablet and a phone



After viewing the identity of their last website we decided to stick with the color of purple for the accents and CTAs of the website while using a clean white background for the website. 





We kept it simple and modern when it came to the font. We went with Open Sans for the headings and Montserrat for the paragraphs.