Mid-America Strategic Solutions

A CCW training website for MASS a local business offering the best in gun training

Case Study


MASS is a local gun training website that needed a website to display its services as well as provide the ability to display upcoming events and have viewers purchase tickets to these events. By creating a CCW training website, viewers can now learn more about MASS and purchase tickets to personal in-home gun training or group training within ranges, outings, or more.

What We Did

Mid-America Strategic Solutions needed a brand new website development as well as logo design while also creating their branding for their business. 

We came in and went through extensive process and market analysis to find a new invotated way to portray their services and events in a modern fashion.

Website Build

Website Development


Logo Design

“I love my website and I feel like I have taken the first step to creating my brand and growing my gun training business.”

Preston B., CEO

Black MASS website logo, ccw training website